Indian Spirit Festival 2014

Who wouldn’t like a small break for his soul and spirit, just a small time-out from this crazy world we need to live in every day, just a small gaze into a perfect world that will dazzle us, a world where everyone loves everyone freely and great trance music like we love is being played at all time!

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As we can see, the ancient Indian tribe gatherings have a lot in common with the modern trance culture, and the Indian Spirit Festival brings both, the Indian and the Trance cultures into one perfect place!

The Indian Spirit Festival is spreading joy and helping our minds calm since it firstly started at 2007 in a smaller format, in 2011 after the Festival grew big enough, the rumors about a new great Festival in Northern Germany started spreading and since 2011 the Trance Festival got more famous than ever, allowing best artists from all around the world to perform on stage and beautiful people from all kinds come to connect to their spirits in this special time period every year.

This year, Indian Spirit Festival will occur at 5-9/9/2013 for full 5 mind changing days, and we recommend attending in this beautiful and colorful event! On the one hand, these dates mark the end of the North- European outdoor season, but on the other, just a short glance at the lineup will make it clear that this event is actually the climax of the session, with many highlighted reasons!

One of many pros in the Indian Spirit Festival is that it is very easy to get to the Festival and there are many ways to arrive, anyone can choose between many options like: bus shuttle/ train/ private car and airplanes if needed.

The festival will take place at 16909 Heiligengrabe – Northern Germany; here is a small part of the directions published on the event website: “Highway A24 Hamburg / Berlin – Exit Heiligengrabe – go straight through Heiligengrabe. Continue direction Heiligengrabe / Pritzwalk. Heiligengrabe, follow the signs.”

Furthermore, we can see that at the Festival many genres of Trance will be played, if Sunlit Progressive, Intoxicating Psychedelic or Full On sound, Energy- Loaded Dark or Streamlined Nu School Progressive and even Goa Trance, all of these genres and more can be found at this special event, so it is honored to be a great place for people to learn about new and old genres of our beloved trance music.

Famous artists that played at the last editions of the festival: California Sunshine, 40%, Domestic, Star Sound Orchestra, Liquid Soul, Midimal, Emok, Gaudium, and Dj Feio.

Let’s talk about the lineup that will launch us into space; at the festival area we can find 3 stages, the Main Stage, the Chill Stage and the Dark stage, both offering live and DJ sets of many great artists from all around the globe!

Indian Spirit Festival Djs Line up

Main Stage

On the main stage we can find many famous artists performing, some of them even perform twice, once in a live set and once in a DJ set.

Some of the awesome artists that will perform a DJ set: Ananda Shake (Utopia/ Israel), Egorythmia (Iono/ Macedonia), Neelix (Spin Twist/ Germany), Nok (Blue Tunes/ Germany), Class A (Blue Tunes/ Israel),                Elecdruids (Iono/ Germany), Avalon (Nano/ United Kingdom), Coming Soon (Spin Twist/ Israel), Protonica (Iono/ Germany), Symphonix (Blue Tunes/ Germany), Tristan (Twisted/ United Kingdom), and U-Recken (Dacru/ Israel).

Some of the incredibly awesome artists that will play live sets on the main stage: Ace Ventura (Iboga/ Israel), Chicago (1200 Mics/ United Kingdom), Cubixx (Iono/ Germany), Gandalf (Iono/ Germany), and laughing Buddha (Nano Rec/ United Kingdom).

Dark Stage

Some of the live set acts from the Dark Stage: Aztec Dosage (Nutria Dance/ Italy), Blind Fury (Wild Seven Rec. / Germany), and Calyptratus (Bionic Instinct / Germany).

Some of the DJ set acts from the Dark Stage: Apophis (Uhu Crew/ Germany), Dr. Oguh (Ultra Violence/ Germany), and Incantatur (DC Connection/ Germany).

Chill Stage

Chosen live sets from the Chill Stage: Sunfish (Germany), Kuba (CHILLCODE REC/ United Kingdom), and GMO vs. Dense (Germany).

Chosen DJ sets from the Chill Stage: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk (Germany), Audio Syndrom (Germany), and Zosma (Chill Prog Set, Spin Twisted/ Germany).

Like many other Festivals that offer a crazy 3D decoration, the Indian Spirit Festival will offer a great psychedelic decoration by: Cosmic Garden, and Chill Bill People. They will make sure that our nights at the resort transformed into a surreal ocean of lights, colors and laser beams.

indian spirit festival party

The organizers want only the best for us travelers, so for our convenience free drinking water will be shared and showers with hot water will be possible at the resort of the festival.

Finally, for those of us who are interested in experiencing this experience, we can say that in the last years the entry fee for this happiness wasn’t really expensive for the great acts we got to see inside, the prices were about 47-67 Euros In the early birds and for the E-Tickets (depends on purchase date), or 75 Euros at the gates for hard tickets + a 5 euro garbage deposit like in many other festivals… (You will get your 5 Euros back if you bring a plastic bag full of garbage, a great way to keep our nature clean, used in many parties now days.)

So people, trance on and we do hope to fly together with you all in this special festival (;


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