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Hadra festival is a trance festival since 2001 over the last 10 years, Hadra has to his credit more than fifty events and productions on the label, sessions of discovery practices related to electronic trance music, workshops for beginners and advanced, and well heard five editions of its flagship event: the Hadra Trance Festival in the last year has hosted nearly 30,000 people in a 4 day festival.

Hadra Trance Festival 2014 Tickets

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Hadra has development activities on several fronts:
Training and component “Trancemission” training for youth and adults practices related to electronic music workshops DJing (audio mixing technique tracks) initiated in 2005, workshops VJing (mixing images and video sources) since 2009, Stagecraft / set design since 2008 and MAO initiated in October 2010.

The production of phonograms and management of artists’ careers through the Hadra Records Label founded in 2004 (promoting the work of local and international artists in the world) which now offers twenty productions (among them albums as compilations of unreleased tracks, produced by the label) and many projects.

Diffusion with varying events 8 medium and large scale throughout the year: local events involved in the reputation of the region in terms of electronic music, and events associated with Hadra Records for the visibility of artists and association in France and Europe with projects now recurring in Paris, England, Italy and Belgium.

Djs and Line-up – Hadra Trance Festival 2014

The Hadara festival hostes the world top trance dj”s like:
AEROSPACE \ Digital Nature Records / Israel
BROKEN TOY (Nano records / Cape Town)
CHRIS RICH (Bom Shanka Music / Plymouth/UK)
EARTHSPACE (Mosaico Recordds / Fortaleza – Brazil)
GROOVE INSPEKTORZ (Natural beat makerz / Toulouse)
MALICE IN WONDERLAND (2to6 Records / Austria)
MERKABA (Merkaba Music, Zenon Records / Australia)
PSYBERPUNK (Free Alps, Shaman Electro / Ovronna
GINO (Sonica Recordings / Rome – Italy)
GOLKONDA (Blue Tunes Records / Raben Steinfeld / Germany)
LOIC (Free-spirit records / Grenoble)
TRIO BASSMA (collectif bassma / Lyon )
CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS (Ultimae / Göteborg – Sweden)
GOTH TRAD (Deep Medi / Tokyo Japan)
JAMES COPELAND (3star Deluxe / Cape Town)
KALYA SCINTILLA (Merkaba Music / Australia)
YNC24 (Ultimae / Suède
BAYAWAKA (enigmatik record / Tel Aviv – Israel)
SOOM T (Renegade Masters / Glasgow UK

Hadra Trance Festival 2014 – what awaits this year ?

The Production of the coming festival of this year will be a Cooperation directed by the French team Together with South African designer Starspine. Indeed, as part of the partnership with the French Institute, welcoming this year in South Africa in the festival! The opportunity to share the cultural wealth of the country (france) and integrate them into the music program, our backgrounds, our visual and allowing South Africans to participate in the festival for free
The Producers say that after months of listening and research of rare gems, our programmers are on the lookout for the proposal of the artistic program of the festival
The whole team is working hard to offer a great new edition, particularly with a view that is close to our heart: sustainable development. Indeed, after being awarded for the third consecutive Greener Festival Award for the year, we are working on the establishment of a carbon offset fund to be reinjected into several environmental structures and that will offset the rate of CO2 released by the latest edition of the festival. You can find more information on this project and documents tracing the record of the last edition: satisfaction survey, assessment and sustainable development economic impact study.

To close as it should be the summer, the Hadra Trance Festival is pleased to offer a rich program of a hundred artists musicians, videographers and designers, local and international, for 4 days out of time! Concerts of two scenes punctuate your days and nights, one focused on psychedelic trance and the second alternative, evolve between ambient music, dub, dubstep and world music programming to provide choice. In addition, the public will be welcomed in a stunning natural setting, in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Vercors, decorated in the colors of South Africa as part of the cultural year 2013 the French Institute. With a record attendance in 2012 of nearly 30,000 people over 4 days, the Hadra Trance Festival has established itself as a safe bet in the circle of large European festivals trance.
This year the festival will remaine at the 22.8 – 25.8 2013 in the beautiful mountains of Vercors, in bright sunshine (yes, we believe)! ” Grenoble, France
Happiness , joy , beauty , nature , good strong energy , and lots of love and no doubt a big smile is Guaranteed!!!
See you!!!

Hadra Trance Festival 2014 Videos

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