Goa Trance

Goa music refers to the music from the place of Goa in India. It’s a kind of traditional music using by the traditional Goan musical instrument such as dhol, mridanga, table, kasale, madlem, shehna, surt tasso, nagado and tambura. But the genre and style of Goa was change in the year of 1960’s when hippies of United States and United Kingdom twisted Goa to be tourist destination.

Goa has become a home for electronic music, and become popular in Europe. Which the ultimate goal of the Goa Trance music was to insists the dancer experiencing a collective state of body language and moves and follows to the every beat and speed of the music. It has different kind of tempo the 130-15- range and the other one was 110 or high as 160 BPM and it generally 8-12 minutes long than to the usually range of a normal songs we are usually heard. The music very often to the different style from the effects which it creates more experimentation and more adventurous than to the other music we know such as Progressive Psy.

Although Goa Trance and Psytrance music used almost synonymously to each other in the late 1990’s Goa music utilized more difficult melodic devices styles. Goa described by the other artist is an almost completely genre even where they mixed together. The only difference of Goa to Psytrance was that Goa is a kind of music which is organic while the Psytrance is a kind of music which is from the soul, mind, breath and spirit. But still may countries are enjoying listening and using these music in every party scene they have.

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