Goa radio

[title]Goa Radio – Set your mind free[/title]

Goa Trance is one of oldest and deepest types of Trance music that has an psychedelic influence on the human brain, with the right “chemical” you can upgrade your experience to a whole new level, a level that the human brain cannot experience during the daily routine or in any other situation. This opens your mind and heart, sets your soul free and provides a whole new type of understanding about things, people and the wold in general.

You can go to a Goa or Psychedelic festival to experience this feeling or you can just log in to Goa radio on line and start the journey… Have fun 🙂


[title]Digitally Imported – Goa trance[/title]

[title]PARTY VIBE RADIO[/title]

[bar][/bar] [bar][/bar] [title]Acid radio[/title]

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