Glade Festival – Electronic paradise

A festival that is known for featuring electronic dance music which was first known as a stage dubbed as Glastonbury Festival is now the Glade Festival.

This is celebrated every year in England that lasted for three days during the heat of the summer. It was able to attract people reaching up to 16, 500 in 2007. For the five years of its celebrations, it was held in Wasing Estate, Berkshire. And in 2009, its venue was moved to Winchester and lately in 2011, it was held in Norfolk at the Houghton Hall.

It was originated from Glastonbury’s Glade arena. The day is being hosted by MC Feedback and DJ Sensor. Because of its influence, it then become immediately a premier underground event in UK that features electronic music. In 1998, it won the title as the Best Dance Festival in the UK Festival scene.

It is also famous for combining music that is highly credible with impressive installations of arts featuring cabaret, an area intended for healing and as well as circus. It is surrounded with sound systems with high quality and from the top sound systems in the world.

Tickets to Glade Festival

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For the past three years, change in Glade Festival policies and location have been made.

In 2010, the event was conducted from July 15-18. The original plan for the program is to be Simian Mobile Disco, Orbital, and Tricky. However, it was later announced that the event was cancelled because of the emerging Hampshire Constabulary.

In 2011, early sales on ticket were held in January 25 and held the actual event in June 10-12.

And just last year, the event moved back to Norfolk at Houghton Hall.

See you on the dance floor ! 🙂

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