Full on Trance mix by Counteractive

Counteractive is an excentric blend of melodic full-on Psytrance, aimed at the most demanding of dancefloors worldwide, since 2007. His hi-energy live performances are filed with intense moments of pure bliss, featuring his own studio productions where he mixes driving basslines with powerful melodic lines and athmospheres creating a fresh new blend of psytrance that has been having a great response from the audience.

Being one of the few portuguese artists doing morning full-on, Counteractive has performed live in several international venues, being the headliner of the event “First Contact”, in 2010, in the Russian capital city, Moscow. He has also played in several events across Europe in countries such as Austria, Spain and Portugal, his mainland, where he performed in all the major clubs of Lisbon dedicated to psytrance also with is former live project with Sonic Gate -XLR- where he toured across Europe with “Xtra Large” CD Album edited in 2011.

Along the years he has shared the stage with artists such as Sundose, Z-Cat, Psilocybe Project, Didrapest, Indrapest, D-Maniac, Rinkadink, Psysex, Bamboo Forest, Juggling, Alienn, DNI, Djane Myzo, among many others. He now has based his studio in London where he is developing new releases, after his fresh new EP “Connection” hit the stores in April 2014
by the Japanese Record Label -Loose Records-.

Counteractive has remixed tracks from some of his favourite artists such as Phanatic, Vibe Tribe, Faders, Radioactive Project and Astrix. He has also released more than 15 tracks in compilations, two compilations selected by him and two original EP’s, spread between physical CD’s and digital releases, along side with respected and established Artists such as Talamasca, XSI, BPM, D-Maniac, X-Noize, Psilocybe Project, Solaris, Dj Feio, Myrah, Twisted Reaction, Poli, Dr Hoffman, Montti, CPU, Animalis, Xenzodiak, Digital Tribe, Stereomatic, Ultravoice, Perplex, Mystical Complex, among many others.

Expect the unexpected from this artist, as each act is unique and riddled with twists and turns, always with tons of positive energy fueling the mainfloor to new levels of excitement!

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