Fresh Psytrance mix – Cosa Nostra winter set

Last month we brought you an interview with the energetic Israeli duo and as a complimentary bonus they serve us here with a pumping no nonsense full power psychedelic set. Perfect to warm you up for your weekend and to warm your winter!!!

Read our interview with Cosa Nostra here > Interview with Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra mix track list:

1. Cosa Nostra & Melicia – El Mariachi
2. Electric Universe – Nebula
3. Electric Universe – Star Cluster
4. Laughing Buddha – Lightning Games
5. Electric Universe – Psychedelix
6. Outside The Universe & Laughing Buddha – Outside The Box
7. Mad Tribe – Key To The Universe
8. Electric Universe – Millenia
9. Dickster & Space Tribe – Hack A Haka
10. X-Dream – Out Here We Stoned (Mad Tribe remix)
11. Astrix – Life System ( Cosa Nostra & OMC remix)

Cosa Nostra mix
Cosa Nostra live. Photo: Albert Lalamaiev.

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