We are grateful we could once again host such an amazing group of individualists and we are deeply thankful for all the support we received to realize Freqs of Nature 2014 in its full extent. Only with all the helping hands and working warriors we were able to provide all that what the festival offers.

While still being happy about what has been accomplished in 2014 we are focussing our thoughts on how to develop our concept even further and we are looking for new ways to create the most efficient and comfortable psychedelic vacation experience.

Freqs of Nature Festival 2015 Lineup

With the beginning of a new year we are ready to release the first and main part of the Forest Floor line up.
A carefully chosen selection of some of the finest “psychedelic, efficient dance music” with a tendency to twist your reality and change your perspective of the already known.
Within the next months we will release a few more tasty additions to the Forest Floor line up, keep an eye on our previously known information channels for more updates and line ups of the other floors.

Forest Floor:

►ZikOre • GR

►Zik • GR

►Ziguart • AR

►Yara • VE

►Will O Wisp • AR

►Whrikk • NL

►Ulvae • PT

►Tersius • SA

►Sonik Scizzor • IN

►Sator Arepo • DE

►Re:Set • IT (Opening Performance)

►Quantum Mechanica • AR

►Procs • SE

►Paralocks • SA

►Pannick • GR

►Orestis • GR

►Onionbrain • BR

►Nargun • BR

►Mutaro • DE

►Kindzadza Oldschool set • From Outer space

►Kindzadza • RU

►Kasatka • DE

►Jibber Jabber • Planet Earth?

►Jairam • DE

►Jahbo • DK

►Hypogeo • IT

►Hyperactive25 • CH

►Hydropanic / Lab Rats • IN

►Hellquist • SE

►Hashbury • DE

►Glosolalia • AR

►Frantic Noise • AR

►Digitalist • CH

►Dissector/Noema • GR

►Chromatec • DE

►Bombax • DE

►Audiopathik • MX

►Already Maged • UA

We are constantly looking for talented experimental artists of all sorts, to follow our own set path of creating a space filled till the last corner with innovative, thought provoking and avant-garde art forms.
Our ambition is to create the whole festival with such detail and love as it is seen in the art we are presenting.

Freqs of Nature Festival 2015 Tickets

70,- Euro until max. 30th of November 2014 – ticket limit 200 pc.
75,- Euro until max. 30th of November 2014 – ticket limit 200 pc.
EXTRA CONTINGENT: 75,- Euro until max. 30th of November 2014 – ticket limit 100 pc.
80,- Euro until 31st of December 2014
85,- Euro until 31st of January 2015
90,- Euro until 28th of February 2015
95,- Euro until 31st of March 2015
100,- Euro until 30th of April 2015
105,- Euro until 31st of May 2015
115,- Euro until 5th of July 2015

130,- Euro at the entrance

The minimum age requirement for entry to the FREQS OF NATURE Festival is 18 years old. However, minors under the age of 18 will be allowed entry if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Since it is not always possible to guess a person’s actual age, we kindly ask you to carry proof of age such as an ID-card or a passport that will be required for entrance.

Online Ticket Shop Advantages:
– simple ordering procedure
– no extra presale fee
– no extra fee for shipping (we send your e-ticket as PDF to your e-mail)
– reliable and approved system (used since Fullmoon Festival 2003 and Odyssee)
– less waiting time at the entrance for you
– the barcode on your ticket speeds up the entrance procedure

One- and Two-Day Tickets

PricesOne-Day Ticket: 50,- EUR for 24h (available at the gate till Sunday July 12th 10:00am) (deposit: 130,- Euro)

Two-Day Ticket: 90,- EUR for 48h (available at the gate till Saturday July 11th 10:00am) (deposit: 130,- Euro)


For all those of you that can’t stay the whole festival we will offer one and two day tickets, like we did in the past. A One-Day Ticket will be valid for 24 hours. A Two-Day Ticket will be valid for 48 hours. These tickets are only sold at the festival gate, you can’t buy them in advance.

We will use the same well established system we used in previous years. You’ll have to deposit the regular entrance fee at first and we will register the time of your arrival. If you leave the festival within 24 or 48 hours, we will refund you the appropriate difference between Day Ticket and your deposit.

To avoid any misuse – in example to assure that the guy standing behind you in line can’t come back and claim your money – you will have to prove your identity during registration and check out. To do so you will need some kind of hard to fake document with your name and picture on it. We prefer passports, id cards or drivers licenses, but if need be, we will also accept something like credit cards with a photograph. If possible and necessary, choose something that has a romanized version of your name on it. We can’t enter foreign scripts into our computer, and on-the-fly romanization was a major source of confusion in the past

During registration we will record your name, day of birth and home country, as well as the time of your arrival. During check out we will additionally record the time you have left. Of course we will keep this information strictly confidential and we will delete all personal data immediately after the festival.

After the registration we will give you a small piece of paper with your registration number. The number is meant to speed up the check out, because it makes it so much easier to find your registration. In the past the number one reason for delays during checkout were typos or inconsistent romanization during registration, that made it hard to search for a name. So please put your registration number somewhere save and bring it to checkout, as it will help us a great deal and spares you unnecessary delays. If you loose it you will still get your refund, but it might take a little bit more time.

The optional pre registration we offered last time has been dropped.

One-Day and Two-Day Tickets are real 24 or 48 hour tickets. The clock starts at the time of your arrival or at the official start of the festival if you want to come early. That means if you buy a One-Day Ticket on Friday at 8:30 am, it will be valid until Saturday 8:30 am.

You also have the option to stay longer, if you spontaneously decide to do so. Your One-Day Ticket will automatically become a Two-Day Ticket and your Two-Day Ticket a Standard Ticket. The only thing that matters is when you come back to the gate to leave. You don’t have to decide in advance.

Please remember to explicitly ask for a Day Ticket at the gate. Otherwise you will be sold a Standard Ticket, that we can’t exchange for a Day-Ticket later. I you haven’t registered at the desk, you haven’t bought a Day Ticket.

One little disadvantage with Day Tickets: After checkout we will have to take and destroy your festival bracelet. You can’t take it home.

The Process Step By Step

Before the Journey

You make sure to have a passport, drivers license or some other form of id with you
You make sure to have enough money to deposit the normal entrance fee 🙂

At the Gate

You come to the ticket desk and ask for a Day Ticket
You show your passport, drivers license or other form of id
We will register your data and the time of your arrival and hand you your registration number
You deposit the normal entrance fee and get your festival bracelet

During the Festival

You enjoy the best festival of your live. 🙂 Because you got the same festival bracelet, everybody else got, the same rules apply to you. You can leave an reenter the festival area at will, as long as you have your undamaged bracelet. Please remember that you must not open or remove the bracelet yourself, because it will become invalid if you do so. You will also loose your refund. If there is any need to change the bracelet, please come back to the gate and talk to us.
If you stay longer than 24 or 48 hours your ticket becomes a Two-Day or Standard Ticket automatically.

At Departure

You return within 24 or 48 hours to the festival entrance
You show your identification and if possible your registration number
You will be refunded the difference between the Day Ticket price and your deposit
We will have to take and destroy your bracelet
You have a save journey home
We will delete all personal information immediately after the festival.

Freqs of Nature Festival 2015 Location

Freqs of Nature Festival will take place in the same location then the previous year :
14913 Niedergörsdorf
just 70km south from Berlin center and in very easy reach by public transportation.

..to the location by CAR:
Navi/GPS: 14913 Niedergörsdorf
(A9/E51 – take Exit #4 – Brück)
→ drive to 14913 Niedergörsdorf → follow Signs…..
(45min. from Berlin-Border to Festival)
(75min. from Berlin-Center to Festival)

..you can FLY to:
Berlin Tegel [TXL]
Schönefeld [SXF]
→ The opening of the new airport (BER) 🙂
has been moved to later 2017.

..to location by TRAIN:
take train to 14913 Jüterbog (Bahnhof/TrainStation)
(47 Mintues from Berlin-Hbf → runs every hour!!!)
(39 Minutes from Berlin-Südkreuz → runs every hour!!!)
One way 8,20 € / person

Berlin 70 Km – Cottbus 120 Km – Magdeburg 130 Km – Leipzig 140 Km – Frankfurt/O. 150 Km – Dresden 170 Km – Jena 210 Km – Chemnitz 250 Km – Schwerin 270 Km – Hannover 280 Km – Rostock 280 Km – Prag 350 Km – Hamburg 350 Km – Frankfurt/M. 380 Km – Köln 580 Km – Warschau 650 Km – Amsterdam 650 Km – Wien 750 Km – Zürich 800 Km – Budapest 870 Km

Our date for 2015 is the 9th to 14th July – We are looking forward to once again welcome you in Niedergörsdorf.

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