Freedom Festival

What is it that we seek in this world? While you start thinking about all the things you would like to achieve just try to think about freedom, how happy life could be if everyone and everything would be free.
The feeling of absolute freedom is enabled in the freedom festival, happening in the beautiful land of Portugal every two years since 2003 for a magical week of psychedelic music!

This year the Freedom Festival will take place between 13th- 18th of August at a wonderful sunny landscape with a nice lake and plenty of trees, we are talking about the beautiful nature just near Elvas-Portugal.

Besides the awesome music we can find plenty of other things to do in this heroic event, things like:

1. Massages and other kinds of treatments and therapy.
2. Great colorful market with many restaurants and stores.
3. Great visuals made by: TOTA- A multidisciplinary artist, present at nomad gatherings since is youth and working in festivals as boom festival or freedom festival since their early stages. FLOWERS OF LIFE- Flowers of life are a talented visionary artists’ group what create amazing fluoro decorations for indoor events and outdoor festivals.
Flowers of Life bring events and parties whole completely new worlds covering the whole space with colorful 3D fluoro creations and paintings.
4. The festival is protecting local ecology and offering environmental awareness activities to save our beautiful nature: managing waste and protecting the soil.
Preserving and saving water and managing emissions, transports and energy.
5. The Funky Beats Bar- straight from the organizers of the frequency festival, offering a lot of home made delicious food aside live fire and circus acts with great Funk, Reggae, and Hip Hop music.

There will be two main stages at the freedom festival, the Main Stage and the Chill out/ Experience Lodge, both offering great live acts and DJ sets.
The Chill out/ Experience Lodge will offer cornets, live bands shows and loads of world music from all over the universe.
Conferences in ancient natural healing methods and therapies along with workshops of traditional trance dances, drum circles, crystal healing, juggling, sexuality, bodywork and more…

Freedom Festival Djs and line up

On the main stage we can see some famous names, absolutely from the finest trance DJ’s the globe has to offer at the time.
From just looking at the enormous line-up these great names popped up to me:
Hallucinogen (United Kingdom) Shpongle (DJ set by Simon Posford and Raja Ram) (United Kingdom) OTT (live performance) (United Kingdom) Azax Syndrom (Israel) Vibe Tribe (Israel) Space Tribe (Australia) Tristan (United Kingdom) Bliss (Israel) Rinkadink (South Africa) Cosmosis (United Kingdom) Sonic Species (United Kingdom) Orca (Israel) U Recken (Israel) Filteria (Sweden) Raja Ram (United Kingdom) Gizmo (PT) Neelix (Germany) Symphonix (Germany) Day Din (Germany) Protonica (Germany) Ritmo (Israel) Csmo (Slovenia)

Tickets to Freedom Festival

Tickets to Freedom Festival at the > Festivals and Raves Tickets page

Trance on people and meet you all with a big happy smile on the dance floor (;

Freedom Festival videos

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