Peace, Love and Harmony

Of all the festivals on the 2015 trance festival circuit, the F.L.O.W. Festival 2015 Austria, will be a festival to remember. Although other festivals enjoy notoriety, this festival offers something more than simply music, light and dancing. The mystical choice of music which is F.L.O.W. is what brings festival lovers to experience the relative calm and spirituality of the music on offer. The music is psychedelic, deep and meaningful as music from the 2014 lineup showed with live performances and top DJ mixes suited to the spirit of the festival.

The eastern influence of chosen music is what makes it so mystic, and the F.L.O.W. Festival 2015 Austria offers a special edition Feel Love-On Weekend with the Full Moon edition, happening from the 2nd to the 5th July 2015.

Experience the flow

What’s impressive about F.L.O.W. is the organization which is first rate, though the festival is not organized in a restricting way in the slightest. The camp grounds allow car parking as well as pitched tents, and the central arena is a colorful wash of light for the evening performances. Small is better, and indeed the stage area, while not vast, is impressively stunning to the eye and the chosen music particularly spiritual and awakening. It’s not a stomp, it’s more a trance and psychedelic experience that only those who have visited can actually describe. It’s heartwarming, it’s fun, it’s colorful and has an ambiance reminiscent of the east.

Throughout the event, artistic demonstration of flame throwing, ribbon waving and simple self-exploration and discovery await the visitor. If you are there, you experience the flow and know why the name is so apt for the F.L.O.W. Festival 2015 – Austria, if examples of past events are anything to go by, and chances are that they are.

Explore your own nature

The trance music which is the essence of the F.L.O.W. experience encourages self-discovery. The dancing is more erotic, it’s more sensual and the music more spirit seeking than some other festivals. If you want to find out who you are, then it’s the right venue, with soothing trance allowing you to get away from your outer self or your worries in everyday life and begin to explore the subconscious need for expression and dance.

The location

The actual site is relatively small for a festival, though that kind of adds to the exclusivity of the event. If organizers made it bigger, it wouldn’t be F.L.O.W. Located in the Austrian town of Niederösterreich, in an area called Zillingdorf, the venue is one that should be earmarked for a European tour of festivals.

The atmosphere

The F.L.O.W. Festival 2015 – Austria is an enlightening experience. The ambiance is intimate and that’s what makes it memorable as a festival venue. As numbers are relatively small, it’s wise to bookmark this for future updates as otherwise, you may be too late. Not to be mistaken with the Icelandic Flow festival this one is a real mindblower in that you feel embraced by it, rather than stifled by it. You feel a part of what’s going on and can relax your mind to hauntingly beautiful melodies even though the energy derived from them is equal to any other style of trance. From belly dancers to those dressed in shorts and t-shirts, there’s a place for different age groups as the music shared is always the hallmark of this festival. Add to it the clever art and light shows and you have a winner not to miss.

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