S.U.N Festival

S.U.N Festival

  • Location:Csobankapuszta, Hungary
  • Venue:The amazing nature
  • Length:All Day

S.U.N Festival

Anyone who love trance music and the atmosphere it brings with it, any one who sometimes find himself dancing and stomping the ground trying to crash it while moving to the rhythm of trance music, anyone who live this life can not escape from at least hearing if not dreaming about the S.U.N festival.

During the time of solipse festival 1999, a group of people shared a vision, the vision about celebrating the summer and winter solstice!

So they decided to create new expression forms of the psy-trance culture – a natural wonderland where people disconnect from their regular life, leave everything behind and just follow the music and spread love!

We should celebrate twice a year, once in a big festival and during the year once more in a smaller event. This vision only developed and grows bigger with time.

S.U.N Festival 2014 Tickets

S.U.N Festival Tickets will cost only 50-100 euro’s depends on the date of purchase.

Don’t forget to bring you’re finest camping gear and you’re biggest smile!


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At the beginning S.U.N worked together with many other festivals like glade festival, the famous boom Festival (Portugal) or the mighty O.Z.O.R.A festival (Hungary) and even a small cooperation with the schmax family.

By 21/12/2012 S.U.N festival accompanied the Israeli Moksha project into a great empowering experience of “The Rebirth Of The Sun” festival, the rave took place in the desert of Israel, combining visuals from Hungary and artists from all over the world like Filteria (Sweden), M.O.S (France) and more…

I highly recommend you to save the dates of 24-28/7/2013 and behold the biggest event that S.U.N had ever made; they managed to lift an enormous festival that will take place at the beautiful nature land of Csobankapuszta-Hungary, in the open-air.

In the festival we can find a lot of workshops and stores along with beautiful decoration, the area of the festival is our perfect little city of happiness for a few days! We will bring pleasure to our ears with the sounds of our beloved electronic music genres like:

Ambient, Darkpsy, Fullon, Goatrance, Newschool, Oldschool, Progressive, Psychedelic, Psytrance, World music, and more!

The lineup is built with DJ’s from all over the world and will make anyone happy, the perfect mix of all sounds, there is some progressive trance for those of you who loves the deep base, there is Goa for those of you who would like to dive into an experience of unrespectable loops and twisted sounds and there is even some psychedelic trance which will make us feel electrified! Besides these genres which will be mainly on the main stage, S.U.N brought to us another stage, the chill out stage with alternative and world music.

S.U.N Festival Lune up and Djs

Here are some teasers from the lineup that will crush you’re legs and probably you’re brain as well:

On the main stage we can find around 50 artists performing live and DJ sets. S.U.N brought to us the finest DJ’s like-

Egorythmia (The progressive anf psy trance project Egorthmia was founded in 2008 by Boban Lazovski from Skopje, Macedonia. With time boban conquered many stages around the world and now is signed at IONO music)

Logic bomb (Logic Bomb are Jonas Pettersson, Johan Kraft, and Jonas Bergvall, a psychedelic trance project from Sweden, signed at the big T.I.P records. Logic Bomb combines some original sounds in their music and art that you cant hear somewhere else)

The Infinity Project by the one and only Raja Ram whose spreading happiness for already 50 years! (The project was a pioneering Goa Trance group in the early 1990s, and later became a record label – T.I.P records, largely responsible for introducing trance to London and the United Kingdom.)
On the chill out stage we can find some famous names too, for example-

Hallucinogen will come with a live in dub set!

(simon posford , a producer of goa/psychedelic trance music from England, United Kingdom. His first album: Twisted, released in 1995 is considered one of the most influential goa trance albums in the history of the genre.

Furthermore, the loving S.U.N family thought about a great way to start and end our journey to Hungary, a buss shuttle from Germany will start his trip at the 22/7 and come back by 30/7, a great way to be on the road with you’re favorite people and maybe have the most organized way to reach the location of the festival, the price is 120-140 euro’s depends on the date of purchase.

So grab you’re tickets and physically fly to Hungary, there you will fly mentally into another dimension!! Trance on people and see you in this dream (;

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