Life Festival 2014

Life Festival 2014

  • Location:Ireland
  • Venue:Belvedere House and Gardens in Westmeath
  • Length:All Day

Where heart and soul meet – Life Festival 2014

It is an annual music festival of Irish held in Belvedere House and Gardens in Westmeath Ireland. It is also a celebration of an electronic music and arts festival.

The festivity has various arts actors and street performers. Jugglers, fire blowers and magicians are present in this activity. Aside from the tremendous performers, there are also an area where you can relax and enjoy a massage like the yoga workshops and other healing exercises.

Life Festival gained already an award as the “Best Irish Dance Festival” in the first Irish Festival Awards during 2007 and 2009.

The main music for this festival is an electronic music from the different traditional music instruments. It showcase the country’s finest electronic musicians and artists. Life Festival is a celebration to feel and express one’s life to be in a deeper way and gain right perspective of the reality of life.

The celebration of Life Festival 2014 is to help you become more mature in all aspects of your life. It also focuses on your mind, body and soul that develops your self-reliance. It is also a unique activity where it strengthens your body and soul that promotes its own culture.

The goal of this is to be more healthy, sustainable and to promote about your life. It also focuses and it based on the principles of life, peace and be eco-friendly.

To help you in realizing and understanding your purpose in life, your must join celebrating with this kind of activity. It will not only hone your personality and ability, but it will also makes your soul and mind think clearly and decide rightfully.

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