Burning man Festival 2014

Burning man Festival 2014

  • Location:Nevada desert, United States
  • Venue:Black Rock City
  • Length:All Day

Many people in United States know that a certain Burning Man Festival is being celebrated but not all those who knew it know what it really is all about.

So, if you are one of those who just said burning man festival is a festival then take some time read these bits of information about this festival.

The Burning Man Festival is an 8-day long celebration that takes place before the celebration of Labor Day in the United States. The early conduct of the festival is more of a formal gathering so only a small number of people attend the event which is usually being held in San Francisco. But today, Burning man Festival 2014 had its venue moved to Nevada desert, in the area they called Black Rock City. The area happens to be a city temporarily only for the whole duration of the celebration. The location of the temporary city is in the city of Reno in Nevada about ninety miles of northeast.

Nobody has given a clear and concrete explanation of what burning man truly means. The festival offers an experience to the participants in which some elements such as self-reliance, self-expression, community, and art are given an emphasis.

The name of the festival came from a ritual done during the celebration of this event which is the burning of an image of a man every end part of the gathering.

The festival started because of a group of friends lead by Jerry James and Larry Harvey. They used to gather in a beach in San Francisco known as Baker Beach and put some fire on a wooden effigy of man.


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