Doof Festival 2015 Israel – 09-11.04.15

As the spring approaches, another lively event is long awaited by many. It is no other than the Doof Festival. This is a four- day festivity that is absolutely fun-filled and exciting. Various social groups get united in Celebrating the Doof Time. It’s a very enchanting event that everybody looks forward to year by year. The Doof Festival is one of the earliest trance festivals all throughout Israel. If you haven’t tried being a part of the Doof Festival yet, then this could be the brightest time of your life.

The ever magical Doof Festival is embodied by great and vibrant music that will sooth every attending soul. Every year, they play diverse types of musical genre that consists of hard core Djs and artists. This 2014, there are six live shows with wider range of musical genre on three different stages. The first stage would be Doof with unbending dark psy blend. The second one has Paganka together with some mix of techno. Lastly is the Magaya with great live bands and countless musical and festival surprises. This should get you excited because you can now enjoy every bit of the tone whatever your musical choice is. It’s definitely filled with lively music, enthralling costumes, vibrant colors, playful mud, and total mixes of human dreams and emotions that will help you socialize to the maximum.

Israel is a small, yet a very popular state. It holds the biggest percentage of individuals that listen and live the psy trance. A big tribe inhabits Israel and a huge long yearly celebration for all of these excited should to unite and have fun together. This trance festival if filled with playfulness and colors with the greatest music of all times. The synergy felt upon partaking to this festivity is beyond imaginable. The intensity of the excitement is stretched to the optimum. Indeed, this festival has proved itself to be totally incomparable with others.

The 2014 Doof Festival manifests a whole new vision of the decade. Greater parties are bound to be unleashed. This is the perfect time for a total escape from the troublesome reality. The sweaty people grooving amid the impish mud and the multicolored splash of paint party together in one common goal—to live and enjoy life altogether.

Doof Festival 2015 Israel Lineup

Freq – Iboga Records, AUS

Ott – Twisted Rec, UK

Logic Bomb – Tip Records, Sweden

Salakavala – Rebeat, Finland

X-Dream / The Delta – Solstice, Germany

The Delta – Boshke Beats, Germany

Dominik Eulberg – Traum Schallplatten, GER

Merkaba – Merkaba Music, AUS

Kalya Scintilla – Merkaba Music, AUS

Tsuyoshi Suzuki – Matsuri Productions, Tokyo, Japan

D-Nox – Sprout Music, Germany

Bessiff – Traum Schallplatten, France

Mubali – Parvati Records, USA

Rev – Doof Records, Netherlands

U-Recken – Tree Of Life

Amito – Nutek, Spain

Zirkin – Doof Records

Rocky – Iboga Records

Entropy – Doof Records

Saga – Doof Records

Huda-G vs Nadi – Domo Records

New Born – Zion 604 Records

UV – Doof Records

Cactus – Doof Records

Skizologic – Zion 604 Records

Double R.E.L – Doof Records

Na-Ti – Zenon rec

Mindwave – IONO Music

Bias Tees – Techlab

Nitrodrop – Dooflex

Family Guys – Kipod Crew

Terranoise – Doof Records

Orca – Doof Records

Organic – Splice Project

Vodka & Mi-Ya-Ra – Paganka Crew

Or Zur – Paganka Crew

Oscuro – Paganka Crew

Asaf Samuel – Michatronix

Uriah Klapter – News

Kimkly – Paganka Crew

Fish Eye – Doof Records

Reboot – Doof Records

Clockstoppers – Doof Records

Shahar – Aleph Zero

Pintosphere – Klika Of Happiness

Johny Pablo – Wapp

Yaya – Moonstone

Tribone – Insonitus Rec

Avi Lovey – LauLau

Kurd – LauLau

Chasky – Circle of life

Amit Koren – Ahava Bagalil

Shawish – Ahava Bagalil

Lacerkosta – LauLau


Doof Festival 2015 Israel Tickets


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History of Doof Festival

In the year 1996, the so-called Doof Project has been founded that is closely linked to mind-bending, parties done by a small section of tribal people. It was then an underground gathering that makes use of psychedelic music. When the news about its mind-blowing sound and supreme excitement leaked, more and more people came to join the lively gathering. They were fantasizing about stretching the festival over one night. And so it was granted because the festivity now constitutes 4 days of pure ecstasy. It was in 2004 that the Festival official came to its peak. This is when the first Psy Trance Festival has gained so much popularity. The first ever Doof Festival was celebrated by the shores of the sea of Galilea. It was such a historical event. The small crowd from the desert parties still serves as the core dancers for the festival. However, it has become more enjoyable as friends from all over the globe flock to this gathering to experience its unique blend of merriment.

How to Get There

This celebration will be held on the shore of Golan by the Sea of Galilea in the northern part of the country. There is also a convenient access to buses from the city center to a certain town on the other part of the lake which is called Tiberius. From there, you may take a 20-minute bus ride or you may also opt to hitchhike until you reach the entrance of the beach

What you should know about Israel

Israel is one of the most hospitable people in the world. They make good hosts of their varied guests. It’s a sunny city, yet it’s definitely awesome. Food is another pride of Israel. Your 4-day attendance in the Doof Festival won’t be complete unless you try the best delicacies that Israel is to offer. Israel is relatively small, yet it embodies a unique and grand landscape. The northern part of the country has great hills which get snowy during the winter season and get totally green at spring. It has indescribable features that are better experienced than explained.

Doof Festival has always been regarded as the highest time of the year in Israel and it has always been open to eager guests that want to share absolute joviality with this epic event. Never miss your chance to be a part of one of Israel’s grandest celebrations.

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