Burning man Festival – Love and Freedom

Money, our world surrounds around money. And what if I told you there is a place where the money isn’t a factor for who or what you are? A city based on love, where you give something to get something back.

We are talking about the Burning Man Festival experience!!! Where thousands of people meet in the middle of the deserts with their own equipment, building together a huge city with different themed camps from nothing and bringing it back to the ground when the festival ends. Each one brings his own goods with his trailer and change it for other goods that other people brought with them, no money just exchange!

At nights Ravers will experience a remarkable vision from crazy light decoration shows and great music. While everyone helps decorating the city in every color that exists, the music plays on full volume and the best artists are playing!

Giant shows of burning buildings and other structures will ignite our minds and bring us to another world.

The meeting this year will bring around 50,000 people from 26th of august till the 2nd of September to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada (United States of America), willing to take a part at this incredible gathering.

Between the years 1986 to 1996 the event took place at a small beach in San Francisco, but when the crowd got bigger the location had changed into our beloved desert. The festival will offer all kinds of music that will bring to a perfect harmony, such as Trance, House, PsyTrance and a lot more… Some of the DJ’s who played at the previous editions of the Burning man festival are: Damian Lazarus/ Julian Prince/ Blondish/ Scarlett Etienne/ and the Israeli couple Infected Mushroom.

We can’t explain the feeling of freedom you achieve, and the size of this never ending desert while the festival takes place, it’s even harder to explain exactly what this event is like because there is nothing else like it!

We recommend you to see some videos to get the right perspective, prepare to be amazed.

We give you our word that you that you have never seen anywhere which is that special on earth!

The way that each and every one brings their own happiness and creating that perfect place, I personally, never saw decoration arts as beautiful and stunning as at Burning man festival. Each group should rent a trailer, because there is no other way to get to the desert with all the equipment. Everyone should bring the necessary survivor equipment, like food water camping equipment and joy. Another important thing that you should keep in mind is that every year the desert is left clean like no one had been there, people take care of all the garbage. So be ready to clean your own and maybe after your friends as well. After all, Mother Nature gave us this awesome landscape and we need to give her love back!


The resort is really big so we recommend renting a bicycle, many people travel inside the festival with bicycle, visiting their neighbors and exploring the desert. The weather in the desert is hot as the days and cold at nights, so hot and cold cloths should be on your minds as well! This might be a lot of preparations for this trip but from just watching videos of other people, I know that this place is where I want to be. So go read, watch, and find out more about this dream, it’s something we all need to go through in our lives and I hope I will get there this year!

Trance on people, and see you on the dance floor (;

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