After blasting every possible Psytrance Festival dance floor with his Psychedelic bombs and becoming the sharpest end of the Psy Full-on knife world wide, today we will be taking a sneak peak to one of the most amazing (and our top favorite) artist’s life, the one and only, Leon Avalon.
Lets roll…
How’s life ? All good ?
Life is good, the sun is shining and the music is flowing!
You and Tristan are releasing a new album under Killerwatts on Nano Records nowadays, tell us a little bit (or a lot) about it smile emoticon
We just released our Killerwatts remix album on Nano records. featuring 18 of the top and upcoming artists remixing our music.
We are super happy with the release. special price $10 for 18 wav tracks from our label website. Here’s the link >
You had a lot of gigs all over the world, which location was the most stunning ? Why ?
There have been many exotic hedonistic locations. I would say the  most far out (literally) would have to be the eclipse on easter island a few years back.
I played the first set after the eclipse on this magical island, surrounded my big stone statues and local tribesman dancing together celebrating this cosmic event. Words can’t even describe how amazing this moment was!
If you had 3 wishes, whatever you want, what would you ask for ?
Well I guess to be totally honest, good health for me, my friends, my family. Happiness and with the last wish more wishes.
Share with us the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you on a gig…
A girl jumping on stage, pulling my trousers down while I am in a middle of a mix at a big party. Then pulling me down on top of her!! It took two security to get her off lol!
What hobbies do you have, except making music ?
well… I like knitting haha joke!  I love  exercise, keeping healthy, hitting the movies, dinners with friends, exploring the nature.
If you would go to a bar and by accident would sit next to AVICII and he would start a conversation with you, what would you ask him ?
I would ask him, so what do you do for a living? As I have know idea what he looks like or who he is.
You are from the UK, how’s the Trance scene there ?
It’s growing in a really nice way. use to be a lot bigger, scene took a dive. now it’s recovering. we have some nice new uk festivals emerging, Noisily festival being my favourite!
Do you guys actually have a tea breaks or it’s just a myth ?
Yes we do actually, I love a good cuppa!
Name two of your most favorite tracks since the beginning of all time
cosmosis – weird strange sick twisted

Space cat and talamasca – armageddon

If you would have an opportunity to change something in the Trance scene that annoys you, what would you change ?
Too many breakdowns
From your experience, what country has the most powerful dance floor in the world ?
Brazil and Israel
After the awesome collaborations with Sonic Species (Future Frequency) and Tristan (Killerwatts), what should we expect from you next ?
The second avalon album is underway. but first my remix album vol 2;) (me remixing other people)
Before we finish, there are a lot of new Trance music producer that are trying to make their way to the top of the charts, what is the best advice you could give them ?
Stick with it, never give up! it’s a long road but worth it! it’s the best f**king job in the world!!
Thank you so much for the interview, any last words of inspiration ?
See you on the dance floor! Big love! x
Artist Interview Avalon

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