All Stars Festival Canada 2015

Neuromantix is proud to present our 4th running All Stars Festival. United by our passion for festival culture and community building, we bring to you three days of non-stop cutting edge beats, a variety of performances and dynamic art installations.

We have a few unique additions up our sleeves as well!

Over the years All Stars Festival has been a project that provides us the opportunity to grow and learn as a collective. At each new chapter we strive to try something new, develop new working relationships and reinforce our intention to create a truly memorable experience. Through collaborative creativity and participation we intend to create a product greater than the sum of its parts. We believe in the healing potential of intentional gatherings and ask all who attends to find unique ways to contribute.

This year we introduce to you the Festival’s DARK MOON chapter. The Dark Moon is the birthing cycle of the moon’s various phases. Get ready to attract your heartfelt longings by doing a moon ritual focused on manifestation. The new moon phase is an optimal time for planning and seeding your intentions. Seedlings need a period of gestation before they break through the soil and reach for the sunlight. This is also true for cultivating our ideas and clearing the way for our visions to surface in reality. The dark phase of the moon, with its mysterious unseen forces, offers a nurturing environment where our intentions can establish roots before their miraculous manifestations begin to sprout and reach out to the stars from which we came.

All Stars Festival Canada 2015 Lineup

First wave of artists:

Goch (Treetrolla records, Sonic Chakras records, Medulla Oblongata rec Hypnotica records, Biijah records) Macedonia

Goch project was concieved by Vladimir Gochkov. Vladimir is born, and is still living in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
The start in the field of psychedelic music was in playing guitar and using an analog Hall machine. The start in the electronic music is in 1999 with drum and bass music, and meanwhile he was playing a bass guitar in a local band.
The long experimenting phase in music got him in touch with the goa trance movement in 2005, and he started making trance music in 2005, after visiting many psytrance parties.
Goch’s style is psychedelic forest trance, with many experimental influences. The sounds are unusual, and they give a sense of a deep wood. His main influences continue to be nature and mysticism.

Florian MSK (DMT Records) Montreal

Without limits, merging elements of techno, minimal, hypnotic and psychedelic. A massive hybrid genre projecting darkness only measurable on richer scale magnitude. Pounding the dance floor swiftly and mercilessly. Bombing it with frenzy rhythmics. Aggressive and repetitive, almost like mental blitzkrieg. Stuff that grabs you from the guts without noise or sanguine saturation and always without boundaries.

after visiting many psytrance parties.

Ben Rama (Drumlore, Zenon Records) New Brunswick

Ben Rama is a progressive techno producer from eastern Canada. His unique blend of deep driving tech grooves and subtle, haunting melodies has captivated dance floors ever since unveiling his live set in 2010. Heavily rooted in the progressive psytrance of the early-to-mid 2000s, and drawing upon influences of more modern techno movements, Ben’s sound is able to encompass both aspects of light and dark, often within the same track. While not one to shy away from hypnosis inducing melodic structures – some of the fresh sounds emanating from the Rama studios are decidedly darker in tone, a reflection of Ben’s interest in dark and psychedelic minimal techno.

Zentrix (Digital Garden, Zenon Records) Montreal

Originating from the West Coast of Canada, Zentrix has spent the past few years honing his style in the multicultural metropolis of Montréal. With a reputation for dancefloor-rocking DJ sets that combine the high energy mixing of techno with the twisted sound design of cutting edge psychedelic progressive, Matt has since begun focusing his attention on original productions. His unique take on the emerging psygressive sound has caught the attention of such world class labels as Zenon Records, Digital Mind, Glitchy Tonic, and Ovnimoon Records.

Synaptic FX (Ektoplasm)

Synaptic FX is a veteran DJ from Canada with more than twelve years of experience in the mixing arts. After discovering Gui Boratto, Robert Babicz, and Max Cooper in the later years of the last decade his focus began to shift toward the more musical and melodic side of techno. Since then he has delved deeper into the emerging fusion of deep house, new wave, future disco, and pop techno typified by Maceo Plex, Chaim, and Visionquest. Nowadays he is mapping territory at the leading edge of artful electronic dance music, always aiming to present fresh material with a distinctly timeless quality.

AIO (Anuuna Records / Aioaska Productions) Montreal

Alexx Flemming, aka “Aio”, is a dark psychedelic trance djane and promoter in Montreal, Canada. She began her career in early 2013 after having had a passion for the music for several years. Having dived in head first with persistence, determination and valour, it is no surprise how quickly she was able to establish herself among her peers as a valued djane and well respected promoter. Always dark and psychedelic, her proactive engagement with the crowd as well as her groovy rolling bass lines are sure to keep everyone excited, high energy and itching for more. “Aio” aspires to continue growing as an artist and promoter, each experience allowing her one step closer to her goal of sharing the stage with the artists who inspired and moulded her into the person she is today.

TechSafari Records / Eclipse Summer Electronic Music Festival

Érik Amyot (a.k.a. Rikam) has a talent for getting people together and a genuine passion for underground electronic music. In 1994, he started organizing large-scale psytrance (Goa trance) events in Trois-Rivières and Montreal (Canada), bringing notoriety to the local scene. In 2005, he became the representative for renowned Italian label Neurobiotic Records, joining artists such as DJ Edoardo, Zen Mechanics, Earthling, Joti Sidhu, and Polaris. Érik remains a very active event organizer with TechSafari Productions, the Eclipse Festival and the Amazone, Orion and Awakening events. In 2013, he made a dream come true and launched his own label: TechSafari Records. This quickly allowed him to make connections beyond borders with artists from Serbia, France, Israel, Holland, Italy, and Portugal. Rikam draws inspiration from his trips, spirituality and performances he’s given in many events and festivals in various countries (United States, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Morocco, Thailand, India [Goa], Nepal and Canada). Rikam is constantly looking for new releases and always had a remarkable, avant-garde music selection.

Totemic (Street Ritual/Spectrum) Toronto

Totemic is an rising artist in Toronto’s diverse, eclectic electronic music scene. Pushing the boundaries and redefining how a DJ can operate, he brings a unique flavor to his live performances by combining live violin with fast paced mixes of both flowing, melodic original productions and minimal, aggressive drum and bass beats.

Having already performed at some of the most well respected festivals in Ontario including Harvest, All Stars and OM (Solstice), Totemic is set to burst on to the international scene with releases this year on Street Ritual (US) and Rogue LTD (UK).

OmniOptiContraption- (Glitch Doctors) Guelph

The Contraption is Rob Eckhardt, a multifacted musician living just outside of Toronto Canada. A man with an eternal love for beautiful, dark, trancendant, or haunting soundscapes, arcane synth experimentation and weird aural mood textures. Priding himself on creating all his sounds from scratch, and having an exciting live presence.

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